Federal Lands Impacting Schools

Mission of FLISA: The Mission of National 7002 (Formally Section 8002) Impacted Schools is to secure federal funding which reimburses eligible districts for tax revenue lost (for student programs) due to the federal governments removal of land from the local tax roles; such revenue to be used for the public education of students.

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Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery Joliet Arsenal

Information: Complete Summary

Elwood CCSD #203 is a member of the National Association for Federally Impacted Schools (NAFIS).  This organization supports public schools across our nation that have government owned lands. Our government owned lands in our school district zoning are the Joliet Arsenal, Midewin Tallgrass Prairie Park, and the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery. The school district is not able to collect property tax revenue from these lands so therefore, we ask annually for federal impact aid support from our government in lieu of taxes. It is considered a federal obligation. 

There are three different types of federal property in our nation. There are military bases, Native American reservations, and government owned property for various purposes such as ours. Thus, Elwood CCSD #203 also belongs to the Federal Lands Impacting Schools organization. This organization supports our lobbying efforts with our national senators and representatives to ensure our federal impact aid support annually. This revenue we receive is twenty percent of Elwood School’s annual budget total revenue. This federal revenue support plays a major role in the high quality education we offer our students on a daily basis.