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Cathie Pezanoski


Board of Education

Board of Education

Board of Education

Business & Finance

Jeff Grosso

Technology / Business Director

  • sites.google.com/elwoodschool.com/technology/home (opens in new window)

Sue Thorpe



Jeff Grosso

Technology / Business Director

  • sites.google.com/elwoodschool.com/technology/home (opens in new window)

Office Staff

Valerie Hall

Principal Administrative Assistant

Stella Weisfus

District Administrative Assistant

Health Services/Wellness

Karen Nawa, R.N.


Faculty & Staff

Jen Bauer

4th Grade

  • sites.google.com/elwoodschool.com/mrsbauer/home (opens in new window)
  • sites.google.com/elwoodschool.com/bodem/home (opens in new window)

Kathryn Cope

2nd Grade / Asst. Athletic Director

  • sites.google.com/elwoodschool.com/mscope/home (opens in new window)

Kristina Corcoran


Sandra DeMaso

3rd Grade

  • sites.google.com/elwoodschool.com/demaso/home (opens in new window)
  • sites.google.com/elwoodschool.com/ditzler-site/home (opens in new window)
  • sites.google.com/elwoodschool.com/cdooley/home (opens in new window)

James Dooley


  • sites.google.com/elwoodschool.com/jdooley/home (opens in new window)

Katie Fields

1st Grade

April Flaws


  • sites.google.com/elwoodschool.com/kindergarten/home (opens in new window)
  • sites.google.com/elwoodschool.com/follansbee/home (opens in new window)

Christy Forsythe

Technology / Math

  • sites.google.com/elwoodschool.com/forsythe/home (opens in new window)

Missy Frey

Paraprofessional/Athletic Director

  • missgumbs.weebly.com/ (opens in new window)

Tami Hugunin

Math Specialist

  • sites.google.com/elwoodschool.com/hugunin/home (opens in new window)

Lisa Kavanaugh

PreK ParaProfessional

Ericka Koenig

Title 1 Reading

  • sites.google.com/elwoodschool.com/koenig/home (opens in new window)

Melissa Kraus

1st Grade

  • sites.google.com/elwoodschool.com/kraus/ (opens in new window)
  • sites.google.com/elwoodschool.com/novack (opens in new window)

Mary Mangun

IMC - Library

  • sites.google.com/elwoodschool.com/IMC (opens in new window)
  • mrsmattsonthirdgrade.weebly.com/ (opens in new window)

Steve Maver

Special Education

  • byronperry.weebly.com/ (opens in new window)

Kari Rea

JH Science

  • sites.google.com/elwoodschool.com/rea/home (opens in new window)

Theresa Rompala

JH Social Science

  • sites.google.com/elwoodschool.com/rompala/home (opens in new window)
  • sites.google.com/elwoodschool.com/ruzich/home (opens in new window)

Katie Smith

Special Education

  • sites.google.com/elwoodschool.com/smith/home (opens in new window)

Jaycie Tallon


Nichelle Tomalewicz


Theresa Walsh

Special Education

  • sites.google.com/elwoodschool.com/walsh/home (opens in new window)

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