Superintendent's Message


The Illinois State Board of Education released our annual State School Report Card on October 30th. The Report Card shows how well our school is performing overall. We are very proud to announce the State has given Elwood School an “Exemplary” summative designation again. We welcome this designation and the opportunity to build on the talent and hard work of our incredible teachers and students to earn this well-deserved summative designation.

An “Exemplary” school designation means our performance is in the top 10% of all schools across the State. We have no underperforming student groups. Please see chart below:

Our “Exemplary” summative designation was carried over from last year because of the lack of new State academic data from last spring. Public school districts across the State were not able to complete the Illinois Assessment of Readiness and the Illinois Science Assessment because of the remote learning implemented during the COVID pandemic. However, this designation still displays the high expectations we hold for all our students. Thank you for your continued support to ensure we are meeting the overall needs of all our Elwood School students.

Our school is the strongest when we all work together. I can’t thank you enough for the continued partnership in educating the Elwood Community children.

Yours in education,


Cathie Pezanoski